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Summer camp 





Summer Camp

Updated 2023 Summer

Camp calendars coming soon! 


Outreach Summer Camp is a 10 week program that keeps your child's summer full of fun and

exciting events on and off OCE campus!


Summer camp days are full of events, activities,

projects, and games that keep your

happy camper busy! 

We have 2 different locations in the north land!

Download our application today and call us to set up a time to check out the facility of your choice! 

Summer Camp Tuition Rates

Registration fee: $95 

Full Week Tuition- $175 (Each additional child $155) 


-All field trip costs


-On campus event supplies


Part Time- 3 days minimum- $135 weekly

OCE Summer Camp T-shirt- $15

*Campers are required to bring a sack/throw away lunch EVERDAY! 

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