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About Campus Life

Outreach Christian Education contains two campus nestled within a mile of each other in North Kansas City, Mo. Each main school building features its own classrooms, library, cafeteria, auditorium, lockers, restrooms, faculty work centers, and administrative offices.

Our ongoing mission compels us to develop students to their maximum potential, and we promise to serve your family with excellence. Learn more about how we will nurture and challenge your student — spiritually, academically, physically, and socially — to their fullest potential.

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Spiritual Life


We work alongside the students and families with encouragement and support in several areas of OCE life. Students will love our weekly chapel services, daily Bible classes, "First-Things-First", and the regular presence of Godly teaching staff on campus. We provide opportunities for service to the school and community, spiritual development, mentoring, and community service field trips. Our goal is to see each student and family realize their identity in Christ by learning to follow God’s calling, asking next level questions regarding their faith in Christ, and cultivating Godly leadership qualities.

Students are Asking: “What is my Purpose?"
"Where do I belong?"
"Do I and my actions matter?"

Outreach Christian Education's mission is to move students from a simple understanding of God to a Spirit-filled, intense, and abiding personal relationship with Him in Jesus Christ. Nurturing this relationship is done through sharing and discussing the relevance of Scriptures as it relates to both the academic subject content and how it pertains to daily life. A focus on the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development assists students in discovering their unique gifts and talents for use in God’s plan for their lives. We believe the students will be led to an understanding of the responsibilities of a life committed to Jesus in their school environment and community.

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Academic Success

OCE has experienced explosive growth over the past few years. In the last 5 years, OCE has grown by 271%. OCE gave $254,497.50 in financial aid for 2022-2023 Through dynamic partnerships, we received $175,497.93 in scholarship funds for 2022-2023. These scholarships and financial aid empowered 89 students to change their futures and receive the tools they need to succeed.

OCE takes students where they're at and empowers them to be what they can be. They are the future. Our students grow up to be alumni who are making a positive impact on the world. They serve in fields of law enforcement, finance, ministry, architecture and contracting, counseling, the arts, law, medicine, and more. Many have returned to serve in education and pour into the next generation. 

Over 90% of incoming students are performing below grade level. In most cases, these students are at least 2 grade levels behind. In their 1st year, the average OCE student progresses 2 grade levels. On the 2023 lowa Achievement tests, students consistently scored multiple grade levels ahead of their peers and above the national average in numerous areas. COVID wreaked havoc on students' work ethic. At OCE, we strive to instill academic success and spiritual formation that will shape the character of our students to become hardworking men and women of integrity for tomorrow's economy.


Alumni Acceptance to 40+ Higher Education Institutions & All U.S. Military Branches


Surprising Facts about OCE Students


We are so proud of our OCE students! Read on to discover some fun facts and amazing accomplishments they have achieved during their semesters with us.

95th Percentile

Kindergarten students Iowa Test Scores.

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary students tested above grade level in multiple subjects including written expression and conventions of writing.

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary tested with an ELA two grades above grade level, along with other areas over the national average.


Junior High tested above the national average in math computation.


High School freshmen tested above then national average in all areas, and juniors and seniors scores were above college level, and above the national average in nearly all areas,


The history of Outreach Christian Education began over 40 years ago when Margie McCartney had a vision from God to build a school that would give children the opportunity to receive a Christ-Centered education in a Christ-centered environment.

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