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School History

Outreach Christian Education is celebrating over 40 years of excellence in Christian education. Take a moment to learn the history of OCE.

In 1979, James and Margie McCartney experienced the need of finding alternative education for their own children. At that time, very few Christian schools existed, and those who did were often unwilling to accept students that deviated from the traditional model. After making a lengthy commute for years and seeing her own children graduate, Mrs. McCartney felt the calling of the Holy Spirit to begin a school that would fulfill this unique need.

In 1979, the McCartneys began with early education in their home, quickly outgrew that space, and transitioned into a larger location in Parkville, Missouri. This center eventually grew to a capacity of 120 children. It was at this time, that Mrs. McCartney realized the great need for a Christian school north of the river.

What started with nine kindergarten students rapidly grew as more parents began to seek alternatives for their older children. Always a servant, Mrs. McCartney began to determine how she could facilitate growth for older students. Outreach expanded to elementary, and eventually middle school, and high school.

After outgrowing the Parkville space, God miraculously opened doors for several leased facilities. In 1997, OCE purchased its first building in Avondale, MO. Through God’s provision, this building is paid in full, and Outreach is debt-free.

In 2009, with the collapse of the economy, Outreach closed its elementary and secondary schools. Our early education centers remained open and flourished, and Mrs. McCartney's heart continued to be drawn towards Christian education. We reopened our doors in 2011 with a small kindergarten class and have now expanded, in 2019, to K-12th students, as well as homeschool students.

In 2019, our enrollment doubled. While the advent of COVID-19 ravaged the rest of the world and presented unique challenges, OCE students adapted quickly, were able to function normally, and thrived. While peers have seen measurable decreases in learning productivity and output, Outreach students have consistently outperformed and defied statistics.

The 2021-2022 school year saw a large influx of students, as national quarantine periods enabled parents to witness first-hand the deficiencies in their students’ learning and skills. More parents began to identify the benefits of alternative educational opportunities for their children and actively sought OCE to fill those needs. In August of 2022, our secondary students expanded beyond our main campus to satisfy the abundant growth we have experienced over the years. This expansion into an additional campus has allowed room for continual growth in both schools, and we are humbled and thankful for what God is doing within the OCE community. Our graduates are defenders of the faith who can articulate their Biblical worldview boldly. Students are passionate about their faith in Jesus and resolute in their defense and proclamation of the Gospel. OCE students are taught to demonstrate humility and teachability, trained in academic excellence and proficiency in various disciplines, to become successful citizens in this life and eternity.

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