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OCE Early Academic Center Class Overview

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child's physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. It is a time when children particularly need high quality personal care and learning experiences. We are dedicated to providing each child with early learning experiences to help them grow and lay a strong foundation for future school success by nurturing them and helping them love school. The students in our early education program learn and grow through a biblically integrated, Christ-centered curriculum and nurturing environment. Smaller class sizes allow for individual attention to each student.  


Infant & Crawlers-

Infant caregivers at OCE strive to build consistency in a baby’s routines and interactions.


Trust and emotional security develop when infants learn that their needs will be met predictably and consistently.


Our teachers at OCE are responsive to your child’s cues about their interests and goals as they learn through play, respond to books read aloud, and begin finger plays.


Even daily routines, such as diapering, can be an enriching experience as teachers talk and sing with babies.


Individualized lesson plans are designed for developmentally appropriate learning levels for each infant. Teachers use “baby sign” language to encourage communication before their speech develops.


Daily feedings conform to the parent’s guidelines which are discussed with caregivers. This includes transitions to solid foods.


A detailed “Daily Information” sheet is completed throughout the day and includes information on feedings, diapering, napping, and your baby’s disposition and daily activities.


Outreach Staff is always here for you and your baby if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk with your center’s director at any time!



Outreach Christian Education’s toddler and WeeTwos program provides an environment that meets the developmental needs of your child during these crucial and formative years. Using developmentally appropriate practices and the development milestones for children 12-36 months. Toddler and WeeTwos teaching goals are outlined and concepts repeated throughout the year. Toddler and WeeTwos learning activities are presented to allow learning experiences within a predictable routine environment.

Teachers use “baby sign” language to encourage communication in toddlers long before their speech develops. “Baby signs” builds on the natural method of using gestures to allow toddlers to “speak.” WeeTwos begin developing their vocabulary through day to day interaction, introduction and repetition.

Children thrive in a well-ordered, predictable environment where daily routines such as arrivals, departures, meal times, nap times, and toileting are dealt with consistently by all OCE caregivers. These routines also offer children a sense of stability and feelings of warmth and caring from their teachers. They also provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves, the world, and other people.


A detailed “Daily Sheet” is completed throughout the day and includes information on feedings, diapering/potty training, napping, activities and notes from your child’s teachers.


We believe the good outdoors is vital in development and learning! Our spacious preschool playground contains age-appropriate equipment designed just for preschoolers!



At OCE, we feel your child is infinitely more than a member of a group; he is an individual with unique experiences, capabilities, interests, goals, and needs. OCE's Pre-Prep program is planned and directed towards learning and the individual student--to the extent that they can work on their own, at their own speed, and towards their highest potential. Your child is endowed with individual gifts from God and will be trained as an individual.


Subjects offered in Accelerated Pre-Prep & Pre-Kindergarten:

• Math

• English

• Science

• Social Studies

• Word Building

"How would you describe the education my child will receive at OCE?"



Love of God and country is emphasized at OCE. Each day is started with three pledges, a Christ-centered song, and readings from the Bible. We strongly believe that in Christ is hidden the treasures of all knowledge and wisdom. The curriculum is Bible-centered.



The ACE curriculum, with its prescribed bite-sized steps, helps eliminate failure and provides a real breakthrough for the under-achiever and opens the door of challenge for the more academically inclined student. The child who succeeds tends to become more and more successful, and "nothing succeeds like success."



The newest, relevant, and proven methods are utilized and are always being further developed. It's BASIC! Reading is indispensable for all academic learning. At OCE, your child will learn to read and understand what is read. All students will develop word recognition and perceptual motor coordination in reading.



A child's behavior is a good measure of what he is learning, but we believe that development of positive attitudes is the highest objective for which to strive. Get the attitude right and the behavior will follow. 



Your child will participate in OCE's physical education activities to become physically fit. We believe a healthy body provides the necessary energy for a healthy mind.

Early Education

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